Above is what you will see when approaching the new pier.

There are two piers, so two ships can be in port at the same time.


There are several areas where you can wet your whistle.

 Every bar has the same prices and there is ample seating in both the bar and pavillion areas:

Bar staff were a fun bunch, too.

After walking through the entrance shop, there is a very large shopping area.


The above was one of those not open yet. Those that were open included Diamonds International (of course), Pirana Joe, Fat Tuesday, and some of the typical cruise port shops you usually see. I didn't see anything unique, as far as shops go.

Clerks all spoke very good English.


Play areas and stuff for the kiddies:

Drink prices were reasonable, considering...................









Of course, one of the highlights is the new "ski-lift" to take you from the shops to the beach.

It isn't that far to walk and the path is nice, but we just HAD to ride this! AN all day pass was $5 per person

 and you can ride as much as you want. You will get a wrist band:

Getting on an off is easy. they don't move real fast. The view is well worth the $5.00

Pictured below is the pathway to the beach for those that choose to walk:

Carnival Photographers will be at the beach end ready to take your picture

(Imagine that............) as you get off the chairs:

Next up.................The beach!

The new beach area is easily visible from the ship.

Soft, white sand that has been well 'manicured' and LOTS of loungers and chairs.

There are an ample number of places in the shade if the sun is not your thing.

There is no charge to use beach chairs or loungers. There are toys and floats for rent:



There are nice bathrooms and showers available:

Water was nice and warm, by the way. Now, a few shots from UNDER the water: