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Meet the Horizon Travel Staff

Carolyn Lawson   Mayson Buffington        

Carolyn is a veteran of the travel business having celebrated her 30th year anniversary as an agent in 2008. Her experience as an agent, Assistant. Mgr. and agency manager has allowed Carolyn to grow and adapt to the complexities of today’s travel market. The knowledge and skills garnered through that experience has proven invaluable to the clients that Carolyn counsels. Her direction of our inside and outside staffs also reflect that volume of experience and the ability to achieve our goals to provide courteous, personal and professional service. Send Carolyn an Email.


Carolyn Lawson, Manager

Mayson has enjoyed 25 years in the travel industry. His extensive travel, geographical knowledge and seminars and continuing education classes have equipped him to provide the highest caliber travel counseling, and have earned him certification as a destination specialist. Mayson has enjoyed great success in personal and small group arrangements which reflect his expertise in Europe, cruising and especially upscale luxury cruises. We feel that Mayson is uniquely qualified to provide the expert assistance required by today’s traveler.
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Mayson Buffington, D. S, Consultant


The entire Horizon Travel staff, while offering a diversity of personalities, demonstrates excellence in the broad spectrum of travel services, with special expertise in specific areas. These specialties include extensive personal travel throughout the U.S., Hawaii, Canada, the Caribbean (including the ships of most major cruiselines), Mexico, Central and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. These credentials, and the experience level of our people, make them expertly qualified to service your travel requirements.