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If you thrill to salt air and the open sea, and to the beauty of a sleek ocean liner, then a cruise vacation is for you. Cruises are the fastest growing segment of the leisure travel industry. What’s more, they enjoy the highest level of customer satisfaction, as well as the highest degree of repeat business. Most anyone who has taken a cruise will agree they represent for many the ideal vacation. And it’s because they are so value-packed. Your ship serves, and serves you well as your transportation, your hotel, your restaurant, your health spa, your theater, show lounge – everything…and it’s all included in just one price. And since the earth is three fourths water, a ship often represents the best, indeed sometimes the only way to reach distant and exotic destinations.

Ships cruise all the earth’s seas and oceans, offering all kinds of travel experiences, combining seaborne travel with overland excursions to the world’s wonders. There are destination oriented cruises, and cruises for which the ship is a destination in itself. And there are cruises of all lengths, and one to fit every budget. You may consider ships in the luxury class, premium quality class, the popularly priced cruises as well as economy cruises. Whichever you choose, you will surely receive more than you’d expect, for less than you’d imagine!

Three major cruise lines now have ships sailing from New Orleans -  Carnival Cruise Line , Norwegian Cruise Line  and Royal Caribbean International. To see more about Carnival  and Royal Caribbean any or all of these fabulous .


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